The Space, Technology, and Arts (STAR) Academy of Colorado Springs serve as an example of how a school’s parents, students, and teachers can reach their goal of achieving an excellent education through the effective use of technology. In concept, design, and delivery, STAR Academy will be a model of innovation and excellence. The STAR Academy envisions a school in which the administration, faculty, staff, and parents together will:

  • Provide a complete education foundation based on proven methods of instruction and rich, challenging content.
  • Have high academic, social, and moral expectation for all students
  • Foster mastery of both knowledge and skills between teachers and parents, combining forces to ensure our students receive individual attention and achieve academic excellence.


 STAR Academy prepares students for success in a global culture through rigorous core academics, arts and technology.


 STAR Academy was founded on the simple convictions that a first-rate education is the birthright of every individual, that all children can learn, and that every child should be challenged to reach his or her full potential. The overarching goals of the School are to:

  • Demonstrate the heights of academic achievement that public school students can routinely attain when the advantages of charter school governance are couple with ambitious new academic standards
  • Offer area families rich new choice in public education
  • Create new professional settings for teacher that permit them to succeed, free from debilitation work rules, financial constraints, and excess regulation.