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STAR Academy Food Service

If you have any questions about STAR Academy’s Cafeteria or food service please  call 638-6554 from 7:00am-1:30pm and ask for Christina Guillen or call D11 Food Service at 520-2924. If you would like to pay for your childs lunch/breakfast online please visit:

(Remeber if you are paying for your childs lunch online it will take up to 24 hours to be credited to your childs acount.)

For the Breakfast and Lunch Menu’s Please visit:

To apply for Free and Reduce Lunch you can either click on the following link or pick up a application from the school office.
(You may apply online after July 1, 2014)


D11 Food Service December 2014 Newsletter

Food Alergies

Dear Parents/Guardians of School District 11 Students:

Food allergies can be life-threatening.  It is important that schools, students, parents, and physicians work together to help minimize risks for students with food allergies.  District 11 has implemented a policy (JLCDA, Response to Students with Food Allergies) and we wanted to inform you of this important policy & anaphylaxis plan required by State law.

If your child has been prescribed medication for treatment of a food allergy or anaphylaxis, please contact your child’s school to obtain a Medication Administration form and an Allergy & Anaphylaxis Plan form.  We strongly encourage you to return these completed forms and supply the school with the prescribed medication needed for treatment of the student’s food allergies or anaphylaxis in a timely fashion.

Additional information related to food allergies and student’s special dietary needs can be found at or available at any CSSD11 School Kitchen.

Please feel free to contact your school with questions or concerns related to your child’s diagnosed food allergy or anaphylaxis plan.