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STAR Academy FUN Raising Committee 

 Motto: “Let’s Work together to build a better tomorrow!”

Purpose : “Supporting the education of children at STAR Academy Charter by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.”


STAR Academy’s FUN Raising Committee Meets on the second Thursday of every month at the Airport Campus at 3:50pm

For more information contact Perla Castro at 719-638-6554 or


Fun-Raising Committee Newsletters

January 2014



Fundraiser Events


Scholastic Book Fair will be December 2nd-6th

Visit the following link to view the onlnie bookfair



Boxtops for Education and Campbell soup labels

For more information on what labels to keep visit:

by Paragon

Mosaica Education’s Paragon© Curriculum combines the rigor of classical education with the relevance required by contemporary society. Students learn about character, ethics, empathy and self-esteem implicitly by studying the world’s great heroes, both canonical and unsung, and by stepping into the shoes of great historical figures, both real and imaginary. Paragon looks to the past to prepare students to become the architects of tomorrow.

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Board Election Cancelled

April 11th, 2014

The Board of Directors election has been cancelled because three parents applied for the three open parent member positions. The [...]

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